G7 Certification and GMI Certification

2018 Awards

Adams Lithographing brought home the Benny in this year’s Premier Print Awards for 2018 Best of Category, Product Catalogs, the highest honor in world’s most prestigious international print competition. Out of 3,000 entries, we’re excited to join a select group of gold winners taking graphic design and printing to new levels.

But that’s not the only honor we received this year: Adams Lithographing was also awarded gold in the Catalogs—Sheets category in this year’s Sappi North American Printer of the Year Competition!


G7 Certification

We are a Certified Master G7 printer which incorporates a VERY stringent set of processes designed to maintain color consistency and accuracy from proof to press and all segments of the printing process. Both our prepress department and the press room are equipped with spectrophotometers (say that one fast 3 times) and have the ability to digitally read proofs, plates and press sheets to ensure that the tightest tolerances are being met through the entire printing process. This helps maintain color consistency from start to finish.

FSC Certification

FSC certification ensures that products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. The FSC Principles and Criteria provide a foundation for all forest management standards globally, including the FSC US National Standard (v1.0) that guides forest management certification in the U.S. 

GMI Certification- High performer

GMI certifies, monitors and measures the performance of packaging suppliers. Through GMI’s print facility certification and scientific, repeatable measurement, we can ensure that your print job is effectively managed, enhancing your packaging quality and building brand equity along the way.  Adams currently holds a GMI high performance supplier status. There's only a few printers that hold this status. GMI high performing status is easy when you have new equipment, the best employees, the latest tools, and great processes.  

SFI Certification

SFI promotes sustainable forestry management, improved forestry practices and responsible purchasing of forest products. By following the SFI forest certification Standard, forest landowners, forest managers, forest products producers and other program participants practice responsible forestry on the lands they manage, and influence millions of additional acres in North America and globally through unique fiber sourcing requirements.

For a land manager or manufacturer to be SFI-certified and use the SFI label on products, it must pass an independent third party audit that verifies compliance with SFI’s high standards.

Better than the next guy

It means nothing to be fast if your quality isn’t up to par. That’s why Adams is a partner with a global not-for-profit organization called IDEAlliance whose mission is creating universal standards for best practices and efficiencies in the field media production. As a member of this organization, Adams is on the leading edge of color management and image quality

Heidelberg Speedmaster UV Press UV Printing


The Speedmaster CD 102 provides exceptional and, above all, stable print quality throughout every run, whether printing on a coated or an uncoated sheet. When printing on an uncoated sheet in particular, this press provides superior ink holdout and minimal dot gain, resulting in cleaner fine lines and vibrant, crisp color images. In terms of environmentally friendly products and processes, the CD 102 provides sustainable production, reduced energy and material consumption. With the new Speedmaster CD 102, you benefit from the outstanding energy efficiency of the perfectly coordinated components – from drive and air supply to dryer technology.

We all laugh about it, but efficiency equates to speed which leads to happy clients. That’s why we have a contract with Heidelberg to maintain our presses with their factory-trained service technicians. A well-maintained press means less downtime, greater speed and on-time deliveries, and no one beats our delivery success rate. No one.